Data and performance services

Our innovative solutions can help you succeed in optimising your digital resources while leaving you free to concentrate on business.

Independent digital performance consultancy

Synthesis Business Solutions combines business,  technology and education expertise. We believe that the best results for your business come from alignment of people with business aims and technology. Whatever your project, we can help.

  • We advise on strategy and tactics: Whether you are struggling to complete a project, contemplating some specific initiative or wondering how to improve your business performance, we can help
  • We create solutions: We use our extensive knowledge of available and emerging technologies and applications to support you in reaching your objectives. We will source the most appropriate software for your needs
  • We smooth the way: Technology change is a great opportunity for process improvement. We help define and optimise business processes to help drive efficiency and effectiveness
  • We get people involved: We design and deliver bespoke education and training to make sure your people can do their jobs better using your new systems
  • We help manage change: We design and conduct internal marketing and awareness programs to manage expectations and keep people informed
  • We help sustain performance: Our Admin As As Service offerings let you enjoy the benefits of complex technology without the headache of administrating them
  • We publish information on a range of topics about how people use technology

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For over forty years, Founder Rick Wild has been in the vanguard of commercial utilisation of digital technology. University studies
under real-time data capture pioneer Prof Smith; experimental applications in the textile industry; producing no-code application development and lo/no-code enterprise reporting software; proto data virtualisation; online self-paced training and performance support programmes; data warehouse design and ERP systems; visual analytics: Rick has explored the whole landscape of digital landscape. Known as Datatamer and data detective, Rick has created data solutions for dozens of clients SME to global enterprise, and in many business verticals.
"It has always seemed to me that the whole point of having data is to enable people to do things better" says Rick. "This is a really exciting time for a data guy. We keep inventing new ways of dealing with data and new things to do with them."